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Reverse/Charcoal Burn

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I have read about jeff totally falling in love with his new WSM but I wonder about getting the initial burn off flavor on my food when you do the long smoke and you load up the smoker with bricketts and put hot coals on top of the pile, they slowly ignite the other coals over the next several hours. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of not having to mess with the coals for several hours and he stated it keeps a nice temp. but i'm sure that can't taste that good can it?
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Use all natural lump or briquettes and theres nothing to worry about.
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There's no after taste from the coals burning. I use Stumps briquettes or lump and have never had a problem.
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Ok Thanks!

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Raybones, morning....   Don't use the self lighting charcoal.....  It has bad flavors.....   Dave

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