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Help with my first smoke

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I just put together my Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and before I mod'd it, I wanted to break it in and fire it up to see how it ran. I am currently running it as it comes, used the minion method, and threw a couple of sausages i had on the grill. I am running pretty steady at 325-240 but cant figure out if there is any way to lower the temp without the mods. Thanks is advance.

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i don't have that smoker, but will when the Boss (wife) finally gives the OK. With the lack of fire controls (i.e. intake and exhaust dampers) the only way I see to lower temp would be to remove some of your fuel. that would present problems down the line on a long smoke, but for the sausages, this should be fine. i would REALLY recommend modding the unit before trying something bigger and longer.

look here for a few ideas.
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Thanks for the advice. I was able to sustain the heat around 300 but i cant see anything i can do to change that. I was planning on adding a charcoal grate to filter the ashes but Home Depot was out of that size. I cant decide the best way to mod it to allow for better air flow though. I think that link is past my skill level of modding. Any other suggestions welcome.

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on the bottom, do like the UDS guys do. 3/4" ball valves with some nipples. all you gotta do for that is drill holes and tighten fittings. i would do the same on the top, but with a 1" ball valve. get a 45 degree bend pipe fitting for the top also. that way you can direct the exhaust away from the handle.

sorry dom't have a link or pics for those suggestions
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the more i thought about it, three 1/2" valves on the bottom and one 3/4" ball valve on the top should do it. the UDS is a much larger piece of hardware and requires more air than the ECB Gourmet. that would cut down on material costs as well PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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Hey bud I have a gourmet, I have done a few mods to it and I will try to post pics later. I installed, vents both top and bottom, bought a big green egg lid gasket and sealed the lid ( help considerably), and actually made a charcoal basket out of a fish fyer basket that has some stainless bolts to keep it up off the bottom of the smoker, I use the bottom vent to control airflow and actually get some pretty good smokes out of her, I would def do the lid seal mod , at first I used alum. foil which helped seal temps as well. Hope this helps you sir.
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Where did you get the big green egg lid gasket? Did you buy it online? I cant seem to find a way to purchase it. Thanks in advance.
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I was gonna say with the vents you can controll the heat. But theses guys have you well taken care of.
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