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First Butt Help Please

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OK I need some help. I just put my first Butt in the smoker. My smoker was set for 235*. I put a probe in the butt and one in the smoker my temp gauge is a Mav 73. I put it in at 5pm. When I put it in my IT read 45* and my smoker read 83*. As I said my smoker is set for 235*. Its 5:30 pm now and my smoker temp is175* and my IT is 66*. Do I leave my smoker temp set for 235* or do I crank it up where the smoker temp will go ahead and get up to 235* and then start turning the thermostate back down when the smoker temp reaches 235* or Do I just leave it alone and let it creep up on its own ? Its climbing real slow and I know that I have to get the IT up to 140* within 4 hours...
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I smoke on a UDS myself but can say if your butt climbed 21* in 30 minutes that's good. I run my smoker 250* at the lid consistent throughout my smoke. Hope this helps.
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OK, first off, the critical temps for a non-injected intact muscle are for the outer 1/2", as I recall. If you injected the butt, then I'd be concerned.

I would start playing with dialing the thermostat up quite a bit if it were me, and get it up to a decent temp of at least 240* since you're lagging right now. Then, pull it down a tad if you want (much later into the smoke though), but get it up there for a while and see what happens from there.

Your IT's will climb pretty slowly with an initial chamber temp that low, so don't get too worried over that right away.

Come on back if you have additional ?'s/concerns.

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After thinking about it somemore if my thermostate is set for 235* then my heating element is not cutting off so it would not do me any good to turn the thermostate up any.
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Its 25 min later 5:55pm and the IT is 80* and the smoker is 178*. I did not inject the Butt with anything. It looks like the IT is climbing 1 degree every 2 min.
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Do I push the IT probe all the way up to the cable its on ?
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Place the IT probe half-way into the meat, so the sensor tip is right in the middle of the heaviest portion of the meat. Sometimes, going in sideways is the best way to judge the center of the meat and the depth of the probe.


EDIT: don't get too close to any bones or your reading will be off quite a bit.
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I put it in at one end in the middle. No bone . Its 6:18pm and the IT is 93* and the smoker is180*.
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Looks like your running a good race, don't forget the qview. icon_smile.gif
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I am 1hr and 34 min. in and my IT just hit 100* and my smoker temp is 182*.. I feel better !!!!!!!!!!! When do I look at it and do I feed it smoke the whole time...
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Right now heat is a very valuable commodity inside your cooker! By the way..What kind is it? ~~~ If you're lookin it ain't cookin. I would not open any "doors" right now. ~~ No you do not need to feed it smoke the entire cooking time ~~ Assuming you have a TBS going...Maybe another hour or so, then don't worry about it ~~~ What type/kind of thermometer are you monitoring the temperature inside your cooker with??
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Its a EL Cheap O from Walmart Rayal Oak elec. 1000watt element. I got it for 25 bucks and did some work on it. I am not looking. 3 hours in and my IT is123* and my smoker temp is 250*. May be I will make it.My thermomoter is a Mav 73.
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Oh, you're doing GREAT, brother!!!!

As long as you see what's happening, and can act to make adjustments, it's pretty hard to botch a smoke.

For pulled pork, there are several ways you can do it. I prefer to take the IT to about 175-180*, pan/tent with foil, or double wrap in foil, then run it to 200-205*. Pull it out for a wrap in towels and rest for a few hours. When you give the bone a light twist & tug, it's ready to fall apart.

You're on track, brother smoker...stay with it and you'll be rewarded with scrumptious PP!!!

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Thanks Eric for hanging in there with me. Never thought I would get this worked up over a piece of meat..lol...And thanks to you other guys for the advise...
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Now how long have you been smoking this butt for cause I'm sure you are approaching the 140° mark but has it been under 4 hours or not.???
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Good job on your first butt..The good thing about the SMF site is you can always count on people for help. You ask and they are ready to help..
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next time i woud get the smoker up to temp 1st............just a thought.
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Agreed - get your pit up to temp, then add your meat.
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I made it had 16 min. to go and it hit 140* my temp is holding at 250* + or - a couple degrees and my IT is on the rise past the cridical point...Miller time for sure...

I agree very much about the smoker temp before I put the meat in...Thanks again to everyone..for pulling me thru this I really did want to do it the right way.
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Of course, all of this is just talk without that all important qview. tongue.gif
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