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Easter without my MES

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I had some trouble with my MES the last time I used it, so I didn't want to take a chance using it for Easter. This meant I had to go back to my "Pre-Smoking" days.

Luckily the day before Easter in PA was the first day of trout, so that took care of my breakfast. A pan full of stocked trout sauteed in butter & Old Bay Seasoning did the trick. That's a whole days limit in one pan (ten little fillets from 5 trout---about 11" long each)! Couldn't do that years ago. The limit used to be 8 per day---now it's only 5. The trout they used to stock were bigger back then too.

Easter Ham at 1:00 PM:
Since the MES was down, I got a Double-Smoked Ham from a small butcher shop I know. He takes the best smoked ham in this area (Leidy's), and he smokes it again----Great Ham! Then we added some sweet potatoes, roasted reds, mixed veggies, and the pineapple slices that were on the ham.

My first helping:

Evening Snack:
Later that day it was time for a Ham & Melted Swiss on Rye with Grey Poupon Mustard, and some leftover taters & pineapple slices.

BTW: Yesterday I gave my MES a good test burn, and it performed very well. The problem must have been the strong winds, and the quantity of Pork Loins I had in her for that day's smoke. I guess I won't have to rewire her just yet.

Thanks for lookin',
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Bearcarver, Glad to hear that you figured out the problem with your MES. Have you give a thought about building a portable wind screen that you could use to block the wind? I know that the wind will just suck the heat off the GOSM unless I put up a wind block.
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I'm with Dutch on this one for the winds not gonna stop blowing anytime soon either. I would build a wind break so I could use my smoker anytime I want to. But then your eating really well too.
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Yeah I gotta do something about that. That day (the same day Piney had wind trouble in Florida) the wind here in PA was going in an unusual direction, toward the Northwest through my front porch, where I have my MES. It usually blows toward the Southeast, around my house & missing my front porch. Some of the time, I could see the smoke come out of the vent & blow across the top of the MES, instead of rising upward. I hung a tarp on the end of the porch, but I want to build a cover a little bigger than the smoker, in case that happens again.

Thanks guys,
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What? No bacon? icon_mrgreen.gif

Good looking feast, BC. I also had an oven baked ham - spent the day playing with the kids.
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That spread looked great. I do pork but not big on ham. After pops tutorial & your thread, I may have to change my mind. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking ham there. Glad you got your MES back on track.
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That's some knife skills on them trout. Not an easy task. I'm liking that recipe also, nothing like trout for breakfast.
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Looks Great Bearcarver...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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LOL--The only thing better than ham is Bacon "IMO".

Ham & Bacon---MMMMMMM

Thanks Ron,

Not much of a recipe----Sauté in butter, and sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning.----Tastes good though.
Thanks Meateater,

Thanks Paul,
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Good looking grub. My son recently moved to Indiana Pa after getting out of the service. He loves to hunt and fish and is looking forward to doing so there in Pa. He also smokes.
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He shouldn't have trouble finding a place to hunt & fish in PA.

There are 294 separate State Game Lands totaling 1,379,002 acres in the state of Pennsylvania, ALL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for hunting & fishing with the proper licenses (not expensive to residents). Most of these places, you just drive there, pull all 4 wheels off the road, and go in and hunt or fish. Some places even have parking lots. GREAT state to hunt & fish!

Here is where all those acres are:

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Thanks Bear Carver, I sent him the link.
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