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nut storage after smoking?

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I just smoked up 5 pound of peanuts today and was wondering about how to store them to keep them good?

By the way I used Wutang's recipe for sweet nuts on 3 pounds.

And Smokey's recipe for spicy nuts on the other two pounds.

Gotta say both are pretty good and I'm no huge fan of nuts myself. I just bought some to try for the guys at work and Christmas gifts later in the year (will smoke much more then).
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I buy the mixed nuts at Costco and store them in the jars after smoking - just smoked 3# this weekend for a party next week - the lid on the jars keeps them fresh - I always keep empty jars so I can also smoke other kinds of nuts and strore them as well.

If you do not have jars, my second choice would be to use a food sealer or at a minimum a plastic bag with the air squeezed out.
Good luck
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i use a foodsaver for what won't fit in the "on deck" container.........
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Were these raw nuts? I'm just asking cause I've never seen raw nuts except for online stores. Does it matter much when smoking raw vs already roasted?
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