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I'm thinking about smoking some ribeye steaks in the MES, I was wondering if anybody has some good tips. I have never smoked steaks in the MES before so this will be the first for me. Thanks
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I know that when I do my steaks this year I will be doing them on the smoker after watching all these other people do them. I am going to be doing a reverse sear. Basically smoke the steak for 45-1.25 (All depending on how big the steak is) then get the smoker temp up there really high an and sear them at the end. Do a search for reverse sear and you will find all kinds of yummy posts.
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DO NOT OVER COOK THEM smokin a good steak is easy. I would just rub with salt,pepper and some garlic and then run your smoker at about 240-250° and then take them to about 130° or 135° for rare to medium and then enjoy them. Now if you want a real treat get a rib roast and smoke it........Pure Heaven on earth.
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Anytime I want to add some smoke to my steaks I will cold smoke them for 2-3 hours then cool completely and then cook either on a grill or Pittsburgh style blackened.
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I smoke at 150' till internals are 115'.

Then sear on the grill 2 mins per side.
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Mine were froze so I through them in the smoker for an hour at 225* and then finished em on the grill. They were amazing! Good luck
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I'll be trying this one, FIU!

Beretta - 225 - 250 for about 45 minutes will get you close to a good rare/med rare steak.

If you cook a rib eye well done, keep it to yourself!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks for the tips guys. I am going to give it a shot today.
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