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I just cooked some more and they didnt bust open, just lost some meat out the ends and they shrunk like hell!!! Why do the chicken ones shrink like 50 percent? next time im gonna do a before and after pic to show the shrinkage. i took a pic of the meat coming
out the ends, will post later.
is there a way to seal the ends other than using string?
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that's really weird. I've made at least 4 different kinds of chicken sausages and never had that prob. I'm assuming you used hog casings? Never had a prob with the shrinkage thing you mentioned either. I do let my sausages dry in fridge, hanging overnight before i cook them. Also, as mentioned before, I like to do them "indirect" and move to hot part of fire for grill marks near the end. I always monitor temps with thermapen too.
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I would use a binder...I looked in rytek's book and saw that even on poultry sausage recipes he calls for I think 1 cup of binder/soy protein/dry milk to a 10lb batch...That is where I would start out. I will be making some tomorrow if all works out. So we shall see.
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cool i have his book i guess i should use it lol, the buffalo chicken is good you will like it.
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You have to be careful when cooking fresh sausages. They need nice slow soft cooking for a bit til they firm up and then you can high heat them to fry.

I picked up a trick from a german friend of mine who is a sausage maniac. Put them in a pan you can cover with a lid and put 1/8 or 1/4 inch of water in the bottom to steam them first. Heat them on very low and be patient. The slow steam heat should cook them fully without bursting and then gentle higher heat just until they brown.

Cook a pre-cooked store bought sausage with high enough heat and the casing will split and spill out the tasty love everywhere.
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very true im cooking at lower temps first and its working much better
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Well the only chicken sausage I make has shredded Montery Jack cheese in them and they hold together fine. Of course cheese is fat.
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yes it was hard for me as well.....we have to keep trying
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