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Suckling Pig

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Has anyone ever done or have a recipe for a suckling pig? WHOLE.
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We did one a couple of years ago to celebrate my SIL's masters and here is the process we used - everyone seemed to like it - just a word of caution, if doing for a crowd some of the women and kids did not like seeing the whole process of the pig on the spit and the carving so you might want to have an alternative dish available. Also, wherever you carve it be prepared for a fair amount of liquid to run off when carving

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I usually do mine on a spit. Salt/ pepper, and let it go until it's done, usually about 3 hrs.
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Thanks Scarebelly there is good info on there..Thanks to you also AK1. I understand about the women and kids. They did a big one at the Ducks Unlimited banquite a few years ago and when they brought it out all the women and kids pig had smoke coming out its butt hole. It was so funny and it sure was good.
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We did a pig on a spit about a month ago for my friend's 40th birthday. The kids actually thought it was pretty neat.
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