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Looking for a canopy

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Anyone have a good place to do business with on a Caravan straight leg white 10x10 pop up canopy? Thanks.
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Try ebay and of course craigslist.

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Me too I am looking for a good price on an easy up
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got a cheaper 10x10 at Walmart a year ago for $90 check them out too
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The cheaper ones at Walmart are exactly what you said -- cheap. They have aluminum frames & will not stand up to repeated use in windy conditions. The Caravan models with steel frame are much more durable & will last. Expect to pay in the $200 range but it will come with a wheeled carry bag & side walls. I got mine off Ebay 3-4 years ago for less than $200. Other than a few stains on the canopy, its as good as new.
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If I could get one around $200 that would be great. All I am finding (ebay is best price) are around $280 and the descriptions suck, so what you actually might get is questionable. if anyone has a big box find with a coupon or sale please let me know. Thanks for the replies, keep 'em coming. Only want the steel frame Caravans (cheapies just wont work).
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If I could make a suggestion, check this out.

It's not an easy up canopy. But, the advatage here is that it is heavier duty. And if the tarp tears you can replace it with a standard flat tarp. If one of the legs bends, you can replace it with the proper sized conduit from a home store. You might even be able to just purchase the welded fittings and then get the conduit and tarp locally and save some money.
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And Costco it is. Thanks I didn't even think of them. AWESOME! $225 delivered to my door. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If you have a sam's club, they have them ( EZ-UP brand) for $200.
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My random internet browsing at work has finally paid off for someone! Glad I could help.
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