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Rub Question

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Ok, I am not sure I have seen this discussed before.

One of the guys on my Comp Team asked me why I always made my rub one batch at a time instead of just making it in bulk...enough to last several Comps.

The only answer I could come up with is simply because I have no clue as to an easy way to formulate it all out......loose translation...I'm a dummy icon_rolleyes.gif

So does anyone have some kind of calculator that you can input your rub recipe and it will calculate it all out to larger quantities without changing the flavor?
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Good question. I know doubling or tripling does not always work. I'm looking forward to hearing from the forumicon_confused.gif.
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You give it to a guy that is good in math and tell him to triple the amounts.


Use free online fraction calculators such as this one.

Personally I dont like storing rubs for long. No more than a couple weeks at most. I think you start losing a lot of flavor after that. Especially if your grinding a lot of your own spices.
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I just make a double or triple batch. How much are you talking here like a 5 gallon buckets worth or smaller?
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No probably not 5 gallon buckets but large enough to do several Comps with.

and I do agree with Fourthwind on not making them to far in advance but understand most of these Comps we do are back to back weekends, so if I know I have 3 straight weekends of Comps I could make enough in the first week so that in week 2 and 3 it would cut down on my prep time and give me a little more time to spend with the family.

Sometimes when you do a straight across the board Triple you actually change the too much salt is the main culprit.
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How would doubling or tripling not work? You lost me as to why it wouldn't be the same? A ratio problem? I would think it would be that critical
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Give this link a try, just be careful as to what you input.

i have used it several times and it works great for me.

REgarding large batches, it has been my observation that rubs can lose some potency over time. I make enough for the day's smoke, and my rubs are always fresh tasting. Good luck my friend.
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I just gave it a try. Nice converter. I book marked for future use.icon_smile.gif
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Another idea would be to invest in a digital food scale and a pocket calculator(or use the one on your computer) and weigh the rub ingriedients and then multiply the weight by the factor you want-ie. x3- to make the larger batch of rub.
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I'm wondering the same thing. Why wouldn't multiplying a recipe work?
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This is what I did

When i first mixed up Jeffs rub recipe, I followed it to the letter, to see if I liked it, well I did, and so did my family. So what I did is I mixed up a batch 4 separate times, and put them into one container, I'm not the best at math either, you can try this it worked for me. icon_wink.gif
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I have doubled my recipies before with good results but when tripling you could tell the differance. I think it is because when mixing larger quanities I just didn't get it to mix together as well.
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Precisely..Was the guy messing with your hed trying to get you to slip up???
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This was my only point, Double is no problem, but when I triple sometimes the salt is over bearing
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Either you should have doubled the double recipe or you made a mistake when you tripled the salt. Or leave the salt out until all the other ingredients are mixed and add it gradually until it suits your taste.
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Thanks richoso.....That's what I was looking for, I really appreciate the help

Sorry for the delay in getting back to ya
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How about this one "Cause that the way I make it"
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