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Brisket question

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I did a brisket on saturday, no pics sorry. I tried to solve the problems i had last time. Last time the smoke was so overwhelming my wife wouldn't eat it, and i only ate it drenched in BBQ sauce. It was like making out with a smoker only slightly more tasty and much less sexy. This time it was delicious, i mean great everyone loved it, but i may have cheated.

In order to keep the smoke flavor reasonable i foiled it about half way through. Drenched it with a mop and it was so tender and really good. But what did i do wrong the first time? any guesses. I used mesquite the first time and ran out of charcoal so i used mostly wood toward the end. I thought that was probably it. This time hickory wood and foiled half way through. Also pulled it out at about 180 instead, is that right or should i go higher?

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Theres a huge difference between the flavor of Mesquite and Hickory so thats part of it. Foiling will also cut down on the smoke it receives I believe it also keeps more moisture in it. I usually take mine to 190 to slice others think 180 is enough its kinda a matter of preference. Mesquite is about the strongest flavor of wood you can find and many of us find it too strong others really like it so again personal preference
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Yes I second the mesquite it is a very strong flavor wood. A lot of people don't like it at all. Also are you getting very heavy smoke or just a nice thin blue smoke? Usually not seeing any smoke and just smelling it is way better than having huge volumes coming out.
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Mesquite is a pretty strong wood and probably part of the problem. I always mix woods when I use Mesquite. It is great for cooking steaks but not always the best solution for a long smoke. Also, always shoot for TBS. White smoke coming out is a no-no.icon_smile.gif
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I agree it is the mesquite - try using some fruit woods or some pecan next time - I really like the flavor of a pecan smoke
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I will agree also, Mesquite is a very strong flavored wood... AND

if you got green Mesquite then your problem was compounded 10 fold

Hickory has a milder flavor but like was mentioned above I ALWAYS

Mix my wood, I use predominately Oak and the throw in Pecan or Hickory for


And also like was mentioned.....Shoot for TBS ( Thin Blue Smoke )

you should only be able to smell it not see it, if it is billowing white you are

creating way to much smoke.
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Lol I thought I was a minority when it comes to liking the taste of Mesquite. Good to know I'm not alone! Hickory all the way!
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Once again ,I'm the odd 1icon_mrgreen.gif, I used up the last of my skeet wood saterday, split log wood. I really like it, burns HOT, and adds that great earthy flavor beef deserves. I burn almost 100% hickory, and may mix in some apple,oak or muhlberry, just depends what the wood pile has at the time.
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Same here, I do a lot of oak with other mixed in for flavor.
Mesquite just isn't my cup of tea.
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I like mesquite with brisket, but I only let it have 3 hrs @ 250* then I foil it for the remainder.
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Yup mesquite is very strong, like above^^^ I mix it with other woods. I do like it for grilling steaks.
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as everyone else has said, mesquite is strong. also are you oversmoking? you dont want billowing smoke just the thin blue stuff. you dont even have to see it. as some wise member of this forum has said time and again, "if you can smell the smoke, then so can your meat"..the really important thing is to keep trying and pay attention to the changes you make. keep posting here and youll get all the help you need. there are some VERY knowledgable and helpful people on this site.
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