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Three Pork Butts

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In few days I will smoke 3 pork butts for a retirement party at my wifes place of employment. Question: 2 butts are 7 1/2 lbs each. The third butt is 9 3/4 lbs, should I put the large one in the smoker 2 to 3 hours before the other 2 smaller ones so that they finish hopefully at the same time?
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Your calculations are right on butt still check the internal temps. Also, put the big one in the hottest part of your grill.

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Since all pieces of meat cook differently I tend to just start them all early and as they finish put them in a warm dry cooler to let them rest and stay hot. If you have a hot spot as was said put the big one there.
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What Piney said. They will keep for hours after foiling and being put in a cooler. Sometimes these things can suprise you and the big one's finish first!
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