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From the looks of things so far, this should turn out great.

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Drooling herePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I too am looking forward to seeing the results. This sounds really kick ass!
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After having to do some changing and adjusting on my big smoker I didnt get started as soon as I would have liked. So I got in a good 3 hour smoke to get these babies over 140* then wrapped them in foil and put them our garage refer to cool over night. I will be using them for different dinners throughout the week, so bear with me.
Here are some 1-1/4 " cut pork steaks that I smoked plain, no seasoning. Pulled at 155* IT. I plan on finishing these on the
UDFP(Ugly Drum Fire Pit) with a Honey Bourbon Glaze later this week.

These beautys are the beef dino bones soaked in the corned beef brine only, no xtra seasoning...tried a little slice off of each and WOW amazing! Mrs SOB was Really impressed with them. I am trying to figure out the best way to serve these as a meal??? Any sugesstions(except shipping them off tongue.gif) would be appreciated! I was kinda thinking of slow cooking them in a pot of Kraut, but would kinda like to work in the thousand island dressing flavor somehow.

Here are the beef dino bones soaked with the CB Brine then rubbed with a pastrami rub I come up with from a few different recipes I searched. These were on the bottom rack of the smoker so they were done the most. I decided not to rotate the racks so these could be used first.
They still need about 1-1/2 hours to cook yet(1 in foil-1/2 on UDFP)

They have an awesome pullback and bark, but I'm not too happy with my choice of a rub. If they are to be pastrami ribs then I need more blackpepper and less garlic...I guess I 'm Gonna Have to do these again to get it rightPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif........icon_mrgreen.gif.
Below we have one of the racks cut apart to show the beautiful color. The look and taste like corned beef. Sorry for the sloppy pan!

This is the last rack. Yep its PORKSTRAMI!! These still have 2hours in foil and 1 hour out on the UDFP to finish up. Not much pullback yet.

Sorry this has taken so long to come about but its been a learning experience.
Thanks for watching SOB-QTV
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What did you end up using for a rub and what proportions SOB? For pastrami I usually go with 3 TBS CBP, 2 TBS cracked coriander and 1 TBS garlic.
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Uh-oh I used ground corriander! I wasnt sure.
1/3 cup CBP
1/4 cup ground coriander
4 tbs granulated garlic
3 tbs brown sugar
5 tbs paprika

I thought this mix sounded good but I think I should have kept it simpler.

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You don't know until you try. Everyone has different tastes.

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No worries on that, I usually use cracked as well but even if you powdered it you are still getting that flavor.
If you are wanting to go simpler you could always do pepper, add a litle coriander if you want or just leave it out, brown sugar and garlic you can add a touch of or leave out.
I think if going very basic I would do mostly balck pepper, grind up a bay leaf or half a bay leaf and 1/4-1/2t garlic.

Ribs looked great!
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Don't forgett

Don't forget the Juniper Berries!

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Okay...that's it! points.gif& my address in a PM. I said no shipping. But um.....I have potatoe salad. Wanna trade?
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Whoa! Hold on now! Are we talking real homemade potato salad???Did you smoke the potatos???? We just might have to talk this over!icon_mrgreen.gif

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