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ebay find

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I found this homebuild on ebay good for someone in michigan area too far for me, thought someone might be interested
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That looks like it could be a great buy would have been nice if he had put in some pictures of the burner and its set up.
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THE BURNER is a hot plate on one you are really only buying a cabnet.not a deal...
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A gas hot plate?????? I see a gas line but no electrical wire. It also appears to be a good sized stainless steel cabinet thats gotta be worth something
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Looks like a good buy to me and a great start on a smoker. Wish it was close to me.
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WOOPS sorry he mailed me back he has no idea about btu but has a burner on one side and cold smoke other I stand corrected,and after re reading,,,it might be a ok buy,,,,,,,,
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