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What setting are you using?
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Sorry, I have no clue, but yea I will check and try that next time. lol
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Does it have a dial similar to this one? Yeah I know it is worn out some. I've circled the AUTO setting, which is pretty much foolproof.
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I did a little on-line looking and not knowing an exact model you have I will say that it looks like most of them have the same layout. The person you see is the portrait setting. The next one as you turn the dial from there away from the auto setting should be the landscape setting, then the close up setting, followed by the sport setting, then the night landscape setting. Try it and see, otherwise yahoo the exact model number and see what you find. Good luck. One other question, what did you take the picture of the camera with? That seemed to work, why not use that?
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Just turned it on and it is, and was set on sports. Guess that tells you how steady my hand are, huh. lol

btw it is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP
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I usually use a shrimp & crab boil mix when I'm brining boneless/skinless chicken breast. The flavor is a knockout punch.
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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

A brine will make them mighty fine!

What Meat said ...X2

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