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Chicken Rub ?

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I have a 7lb. chicken I am going to butterfly and smoke tomorrow.Getting tired of my usual rub I was wondering if any body would care to share there special chicken rub?
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Well, I've done chicken that way, but I'm very new to making my own rubs and such. All the ones I did last year I used Mrs. Dash Grilling Blend for chicken. I rubbed it in good under the skin. Really good.
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I use a bit of my rib rub mixed with some ground up "kickin Chicken" that I get from Sam's club or Walmart. I magic bullet them together, rub and smoke or grill. Nice flavour and some kick to it as well. (rib rub is tweaked Jeff's recipe)
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In addition to the rub, I'd suggest putting the bird in a poultry brine and letting it sit overnight. The spices in the brine get absorbed quite nicely, and the extra rub you put on it prior to smoking, will just add that extra "oomph" of flavor.
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Marinate it in Italian Dressing then just put any spices you normall like on it.
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If you marinade in Italian dressing, be cautious with how long the meat sits in the marinade. If you let it sit for more than 24 hours you run the risk of the dressing actually starting to "cook" the meat. If that happens and you throw it on the smoker, you may end up with a dry piece of meat.

Otherwise, Italian dressing is a great marinade and tastes wonderful with chicken.
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Now I have used italian dressing on venison and other game meat but never on chicken. Now it does sound pretty good it seams alittle much but thats just me. I have been using the butt rub lately zi have found that the new Old Bay Rub is really good on yard bird too. I would also recommand using tip's slaughter house brine for your bird too. It's really good and low salt too.
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since you live in tulsa there is a rub available you need. Bass Pro Shops and Ace westlake hardware stores carry Plowboys yardbird rub. also carry Plowboys bovine beef rub for briskit. It's very good stuff.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thanks for all the ideas guys,I have her in zesty italian dressing now.Not sure what I will do on the rub yet.Q/View later today
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I agree with the italian dressing, and I just use a shake of Tony Chachere's original creaole seasoning. Works great on chicken. Has just enough salt to give you crisp skin
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Thanks for the tip on Plowboys I will have to pick some up and give it a try soon.
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Smoke Farmer, I dug up a few more for your future consideration (these are all among our favorites here):


An all-in-one meal, or you could piece together just the chicken meat:


Scroll down on this page for two additional poultry rubs:



If you like it HOT:






Great smokes to ya!!!




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I like Lemon Pepper...

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This thread is over 2 years old...Nice recipes though, Eric...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

This thread is over 2 years old...Nice recipes though, Eric...JJ

OOPS!!!! Shoulda had my reading glasses on...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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