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Just looked at the link you posted, and i can tell you right now it is not you it is that smoker. I seen it at Lowes or HD and thought to myself "Man, that has a lot of 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch gaps everywhere, that wouldnt work too well to keep heat in". Do yourself a favor, buy some caulking made for grills/smokers, or take some aluminum foil, roll it up into round strips, and stuff it in all the cracks, try another butt, and see if your results change. If they do, bingo.
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but if his temps were consistent and were 225-250 then the leaks are not the problem. he may have used more fuel but his temps were there.
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check the therm

you might check the thermometer with my bigger smoker that i paid 400 dollars for, i still found that they put cheap qualty thermometer on it
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The gaps aren't that big a deal if the temps are consistent like chefrob says. My SnP has those kinds of gaps all the way around the lid. I have smoked all kinds of stuff on it with no trouble. There's a 3" hole in the top anyway. It might use a little more fuel but it certainly won't add to the cooking time if the chamber temp is correct.

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Yea I use a probe through a piece of wood, the door thermo is junk.

Well the temp did range fropm 220-250 without me changing anything. I am assuming if it says it was that temp though that it shouldnt matter how much heat is leaking.

I may try sealing the doors though.
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i sometimes wrap the butt in plastic wrap at 205 and set it a cooler for a couple of hours it, has always kept it at a safe temp and practicly falls apart when i un-wrap it. butts will get fairly dark when done so dont think your burning them they call that the bark of the butt i refer to it as my peices i do not share very good with them
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