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Should I slice or pull my first chuckie?

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With all the hype lately I am finally going to make my first chuckie tomorrow. Actually two of them. I am going to prepare them just like I did my brisket inject with a mixture of beef broth and seasonings and let it sit over night. In the morning I will rub it with the brisket Rub I picked up at Cabelas that I like. I will foil it at 160 and take it to 200-205. Is a chucky going to come out like a brisket kind of? I want to slice it but I see a lot of people pull them. I should be able to do either right? Just looking for your advice if I should slice or pull.
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Looks like the majority are pulling but there are a few who slice them. I am going to try and slice them if it will let me. If not I will pull it.
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Slice you Pull one see which you like the best. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good point I forgot I was doing two. Maybe I will try one of each.
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Congrats on joining the "chuckie" club, your prep sounds good, may I suggest, since you are smoking two of them, why not slice one and pull one?

I don't foil mine, but at 160° if you take the one for slicing off, foil it and place in a cooler it will probably rise another 5° and that will be medium-medium well.

I do them both ways, the pulled is bagged and frozen, I can use it in chili beans, spaghetti, burritos, omelets, soups, BBQ beef sandwiches, you get the point, sliced the same, bagged and frozen, then reheated for dinners or roast beef like sammies, the possibilities are endless and that is the reason I buy the largest ones I can, 12-15 pounds.

Just enjoy whichever way you decide.
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Because of the different muscle groups in a chuck I find pulling more to my taste than slicing.
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If you plan on slicing one then dont take it to 200-205, I believe people go to like 150 or 160 to slice depending on how you like it. The only one I have done we foiled at 160 then took it to 200, there was no way you could have sliced it. It basically pulled all by itself, was so yummy though! Hope that helps and I hope they turn out good for ya, dont forget the qview!!
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Pull It Man, Pull It!!!!!
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Try both

I agree with ecto1, do both and see which one you prefer
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Now I have done both many times. Now if you want to slice them I take mine to about 190-195° and if I want to pull it them I go to 205°. Either way they are good and I like them both. But if I slice them I like to make sandwiches out of them more then pulling them.
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After removing them from the package to inject and rub them I don't think there is going to be any way I will be able to slice them from the way they look. We will see but I am thinking pulling.
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I go with pull. I go to 160, foil and take it to 200. Then I add more foil, wrap it in towels, and put it in the cooler for an hour or more. I'm doing one today. I injected yesterday with jalepeno butter injection, and I'll season today with taco seasonings, plus a little extra cumin. After pulling, we'll use them in tacos. I'm also cooking pinto beans (all day low and slow). If any is left, we'll use them tomorrow to make beef and bean burritos.
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I am going to try and slice the main center pieces of the two chuckies and pull all the rest of it. I just love sliced brisket style meat. But then again I love chopped brisket sandwiches so either way it turns out I am sure I will love it.
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A chuck at 160 is still in the stall. It will be pretty chewy at this point.
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You can't go wrong either way. I prefer to pull mine because they seem to be more tender. The meat then goes into just about anything - althought chuckie tacos are my favorite. In fact, that is on the menu for tonight's dinner.
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Let us know how it works.
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