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I don't even put water in the water pan because is seems like a waste of fuel to me. I have had no problems maintaining temp and the foil I put over the water pan catches the drippings and makes clean up easier. I also have not noticed a difference in the moistness of the meat with or without water in the pan.

I agree with everyone 100% about how great the WSM is. I actually get more sleep when I do overnighters with my WSM then when I smoke all night with my MES.
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hot tap water is the route I go, I also toss a can of beer in the water pan for good measure(not sure if it adds anything, but I figure if Im drinking so should the WSM). I like running the WSM with liquid in the pan because of the moisture it adds to the smoking environment, as well as how the water pan helps with temps.

Last night I actually used Kingsford Blue bag charcoal for a last minute smoke I did. Turned out good, but I could taste the difference, not looking forward to all the ash the blue produced. Blue did hold temps good(no better than lump), and gave a nice smoke ring to the bb's I did. Overall in a pinch I would use the blue bag again, or the competition briquettes, but I definitely prefer RO lump.
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Lowes had Stumps on sale for $7.99 for 15 pounds, got 10% off that. It's my go to charcoal any more. I've tried many kind and I really like this one.

I also got some Frontier lump, pretty good stuff too. I'll use this in my Horizon to start my wood. It has some really good size pieces in it.
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I find the lump burns hotter, but I feel like I get a longer burn out of briquets. I have taken to mixing RO briquets with RO lump and have been very happy with it.

..... and I just can't bring myself to "share" a beer with the WSM at $7+ a six pack.... lol.... guess I'm just greedy.
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lol, thats why I drink Miller High Life 99% of the time, 30 packs for like $12... $.40 a can... icon_smile.gif

I only used the blue bag briquettes because I got off work early, and wanted to have some ribs, and the place I stopped for the ribs and peppers only had the Blue Bag, figured it was worth an experiment. Ribs came out good, made a pineapple-jalapeno bbq sauce for them.
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Costco has an awesome Mango Ginger Habanero glaze now. I mixed it with some Meyer's Spiced Rum and used it to glaze our easter ham.... was awesome. I can't wait to try it on some ribs and chicken.
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Nice! I need to join, maybe this weekend.
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I'm spoiled, my company pays for our memberships. We have a good sized scrap metal fund that get used for perks like that. biggrin.gif
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I heard a while back you do NOT want to use hot tap water. It has a different flow being the hot water tank. They told me sediment is introduced a lot of times. Not sure if it is true or not so I always start with cold water tap and heat it up on the stove.

Sort of think this might support it also...

Take care,

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sounds like a similar reason as to why you are supposed to use cold tap water for cooking(I use bottled water myself). I foil my WSM water pan, so it is easy to clean up, & I havent noticed any buildup

Now that the weather is warming up I will use cold tap water, or use the garden hose to fill up the pan like last year, in winter months the hot tap water stabilizes temps quicker. I guess I could toss a stock pot full of cold water on the stove to warm it. Next winter perhaps Ill go that route.
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