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Stack Height

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I am finishing my smoker build this weekend and I was wondering if it's okay to do the stack longer than what the pit building calculator calls for?

I am using 6" steel and the calculator calls for a 26" Stack, but since I am using a 90 degree elbow coming out at grate level, I wasn't sure if the stack should be 26" above the elbow, or if the elbow should be included in the length, etc...

Ideally, I'd like the stack to be about 36" long from the bottom of the elbow so it doesn't look funky.

Let me know.

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if you want the stack to be taller all you have to do is make the ID of the pipe your using a size or two bigger. you can use the excel fire box calculator to help you size it. just enter in a larger pipe size and it will tell you the length. if you use more it will cause too much "friction loss" and the exhaust will cool off and you will wind up with soot or bad taste build up on the meat
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So should it be 26" above the elbow, or 26" total including the elbow?
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rwillden, if you have something like this in mind and I think you should, mine is 26" total and my stack is 5.5" OD.

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Beard, the link didn't work. Here is my smoker so you can get an idea what I'm looking for:
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