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Would this work?

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I'm in the middle of a pretty large build. I want a reverse flow but I would like to put my rib box on the opposite end of the fire box. Could I accomplish this by using 2 plates in the bottom of the main chamber so in effect the smoke and heat would be making a S shape before entering the rib box. It makes sense to me and I believe it would maintain very consistant heat due to the fact that there would be 2 3/16 plates that it would be heating up in the main chamber. Please give me your input.
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show us a drawing of iticon_question.gif
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This is about the best I can do. The white lines would be the plates in the bottom, the stack would be on the rib box

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Out of curiosity, why do you want it opposite your firebox? Is it for looks or will it serve a purpose being there?
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There are a few reasons. I have always like the looks of this layout, I can still use the top of my fire box for cooking breakfast of for warming stuff up on, the weight is more evenly distributed on my trailer. I wouldn't not have had any tongue weight unless I moved the axles back and then I would be fighting the tire more than It is now. It is all together on the trailer and looks and works great, I have lots of options with this layout. Is that the answer you were looking for? If not let me know and I'll try to give you what your looking for.

Let me know
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that doesn't seem like a reverse flow to me, if you arrange your plates in that configuration. since you already have it laid out i would go with baffle and tuning plates. you would use less metal and could tune the chambers as needed. just my $.02.
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I've never ran one with tuning plates but I just feel my advantage with this is that everything is welded in solid, not tuning plates to mess with, very even heat across the main chamber and the vertical. I smoke alot in the winter also since I live in Michigan and believe that the two plates once warm will make that much easier also with solid plates easier for greast management since I just made a trough in the top plate. Thanks for your input though.
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Yep, that pretty much answers my question. I am just trying to learn about different designs. I just recently purchased a tank and I am looking for ideas. Not sure exactly how I want to build mine. I have a 120 gallon vertical tank
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I do not think the box on the rear is going to have the heat needed to cook correctly. your idea is good and would get smoke to it but I feel the heat will not be there.
but then it might just might. the length of the other cooking chamber would help figure it out.
and in all honesty trying to think about it with the two plates under the cooking area. I think getting heat and keeping heat is going to be a huge issue for you in both chambers.
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I have been using this the last three weekends with perfect results. I'm holding temp within 5 degrees from the fire box side of the main to the vertical box. I have to get up about once ever 1.5 hours to adjust and add a log but other than that it will do whatever you want it to. I could not have dreamed it would work this good.........Ohh wait yes I did.

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I guess what you are saying it is done and with the "S" plates and it works great. excellent.
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Yup, I had some concerns about that also but I had a way around it but didn't need it. It performs like a champ. Thanks for the input though, you were not the only one that said it probably wouldn't work in that set up.
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