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How to take a conference call you dont want to be on

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As many of you know this is my last week of work. I resigned and am planning to retire if these headhunters don't spoil my wishes with the offiers they are coming up with.
I had to be on a conference call a week or so ago and it was the only day I was to be home for 2 weeks and I had no interest in the call but was forced to be on it so here is how I chose to be there
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You sir.... are my hero! lol

I have made many conference calls from home while engaged in other activities, but never while preparing food, lol.
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Now THAT is how it's done.
Bravo my good man, bravo...
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if you had done that from the git-go you might still want to be there..... nice job gary!
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That's funny

Great job, enjoy your retirement points.gif
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Boss: Um, Yeah were going to need you to come in on Saturday, and probably on Sunday. ( from the movie Office Space)

You: You know I would really... Oh crap, Hold on... I dropped my phone into a perfectly good batch of jerky! Could you hold on for a second...Click! *dial tone*
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Hopefully you weren't on a web cam there where they could see everything you were doing?? hahaha
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I have to do a conference call every couple of weeks-lucky for me it's done over the phone and doesn't involve any computer presentations.

I call in, hit the "mute" button, pour me a hot cuppa, set my chair in a comfy position and grab a book. When it's my turn to talk, I unmute the phone say my piece, hit the mute button and go back to my book.icon_razz.gif
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The call is weekly at 0900 Mondays - it is a really good thing that we are not using web cams or they might have seen me - well lets just leave it there - LOL
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Thats how I do it to. I'll often take use of the mute button on skype and play some computer games.
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can you say multitasking LOL

points.gifto you my friend
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Certainly this can't be that rare. I work from home most days, and there are always 2-3 conference calls *per day*. I often am building a fire, loading a smoker, mixing sausage, whatever during them. Bluetooth is a great thing!
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