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My first chuckie! w/ Qview

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After seeing all the yummy looking chuckies here I thought lets give it a try. Gave it a good rub with one I had mixed already, its one of Alton Browns some# I cant remember, pretty good though. No prep picks sorry but I did snap one before I foiled it at 160* and a couple after the first round of sammy were made. I also took what I had learned from this forum and let it rest in a cooler lined with towels while the family went to kayak roll class, basically a class where you get to paddle in a pool and work on your eskimo roll beofre the boating season which is nice when its 40* out and you want to paddle. It was really nice to come home to a nice chuckie after class, all we had to do was pull it and make some sammys.

Here it is on the smoker just before wrapping in foil.

Here is what the end result looked like after the fiancee kids and I had some...

It came out really good and I will be doing this again. Thanks for looking!
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Good Job on the Chuckie! I am doing my first one this weekend.
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Lookin good!! Those are some good eats!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks great! I really need to try one of those some day.
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wow that looks great and on my list to do
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I was thinking about slicing mine instead of pulling mine you see any reason not to try it sliced?
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Thanks for the compliments guys, it comes out very good smoked!!icon_wink.gif

rbranstner- I asked the fiancee, since she pulled it while I put the kayaks away. She thinks the only downside to slicing would be the fat (marbling) in the meat, pulling she said she could just get every thing around it and throw the fat to the dogs. I have seen where others sliced it though and it looked tasty and I wouldnt think you would have to get the internal temp up as hight as pulling it. A leaner cut may work better for slicing. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in since this was our first as well.

Good luck with it guys and dont forget the qview when you do it!
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Good looking pulled chuck, now you're hooked!

I smoke them both ways, pulled and sliced, injected with beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, onion and garlic powder and rubbed with Santa Maria Style rub, smoked at 220° for about 12 hours, took this one off at 170°.

Not much fat left,

Served with mashed taters and gravy, hard to beat.
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congrats on yer first chuckie!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifGreat job.
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That lloks good, there is a nce bark on it, I smoked mine @ 240 and I think it took about 5.5 hours. I did run into a snag though when I ran out of propane and the temps were dropping. Almost had it to 160, when I was going to foil it, then it ran out of gas and went down to 140. Came back up to temp fast though and after it was wrapped in foil the temp climbed quickly. I will have to try injecting it like you said, thats sounds good! Thanks for the tip!icon_wink.gif
Thanks chefrob!
Thank you Caveman!
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GREAT QVIEW ! GREAT JOB keep up the outstanding work !
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Well Boise you did a fine job on you first chuckie for sure. The fiancee has a good point you can pull out alot of the fat when pulling it BUT here in the land of smoke fat is flavor and alot of it too. Now I have done many many chuckies and have pulled and sliced before and say if you plan on slicing then I would pull the meat at 195° or so.
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Your chuckie looks great! I've definitely changed my plan to smoke a chicken this weekend and will now smoke a chuckie. I only HOPE it turns out as well as yours. Just wanted to ask: Is that 40* C. or F.? I mean.....Man, we're hibernating when it's that cold. Well, at the least we are home in front of the fireplace.

Seriously, Kudos for the chuckie.
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Great job

Nice looking chuckie, I'm gonna have to try one of these, so for your first chuckie, you've earned some points.gif
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Great looking chuckie! Been smoking yardbird all day and now I want me some beef. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks mballi, thanks for the tips too!
Thank you labongio, you chuckie will turn out awesome I am sure. Post the qview when you do it too please! The temp was about 40* F, but it was sunny and windy. It would have probably been in the 50's if not for the wind.
You should definitely try one northern! They come out so good, and thanks for the points my friend!
Thanks meateater! I loves me some beef, but I cant wait to try some yardbird on the smoker, havent done that yet but its one my list for sure!
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Looks real good from here !!!

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Thanks Bear, it was tasty!
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Looks Awesome man!points.gif
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