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100 dollar smoker

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found this on craigslist i'm in the process of building my 278 gallon tank but i'm having a hard time passing this one up. should i go for it? do you guys have any experience with this smoker? thanks
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Looks like a NB Bandera. Should be worth the asking price.
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Hell of a deal
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$100? I would say it's definitely worth the price, and if it's not far well then heck yeah, why not?
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Dude c'mon

$100.00 you should have been there already, seriously its something to use until yours is done, and then you have an extra smoker/grill and there is nothing wrong with that. icon_smile.gif
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It looks like a good deal and it's a "bandera" cause I have one in my storage shed that someone wanted then didn' want it . Hell I'll give it too you but I'm in Fla.
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well it is about a 2 hour drive each way so that another thing thats holding me back
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Sounds like it's time for a road trip!
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240 miles divided by 15 mpg= 16 gallons
16 gallons times $2.75 gallon= $44.00
$100.00 + $44.00= $ 144.00 + your time and effort

Still a pretty decent deal.
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alright thanks guys i talked to guy now i just need to find a time to get out there. 2.75 a gallon, i wish. Stupid california, I think its about 3.10 here
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It's actually $2.65 here. I thought $2.75 was the national avg. right now. OKC was $2.58 on Sunday.
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