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I started a fire in the smoker this weekend. I couldn't wait. I hope to have some meat on it by Sunday of next week. Woo!

Looks like I have a few more welds, a paint job and then mount it on the trailer. I can't believe how well the reverse flow works. Watching the smoke move across the top was amazing.
2010-05-22 16.19.14.jpgI

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I did my first cook last weekend.  Got so excited I forgot to take pictures of the Q.  Oh well, there will be plenty more chances soon enough.  I have a few more welds to make and a couple of more things to add like handles for the doors.  But it held the temps great.  The picture is a shot of it when I first started the fire so the smoke is a little thick. 




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Nice job on the build. I have a question about your smoker door hinges. What size is the tube and solid rod you used? I have 3/8 OD rod and 3/8 ID tube. The tube is 1/16 wall thickness. Will this be strong enoung to replicate the hinges you made? My build is a 250 gallon tank similar to yours.



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I am at work right now but I think I used the 3/8ths OD.  and ID tube.  It is working fine. I don't think you will have a problem. 

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AWESOME!! Well done!

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Hey Diesel. I am getting towards the end of the planning stage on my build. I plan on making the first cuts on moday and am doin about the same build as you. I saw earlier that you had a question about making the cut for the opening from the firebox to smoker and you were offered a calculator to help you with that cut. However the computer that i have doesnt seem to want to open the page for it. How high up did you go on the tank with your cut. I hope i am making sense while asking this. I dont mean how big the actual firebox opening is but the actual cut on the propan tank. Ok i am done talking now.Any help would be great thanks. Smoker looks awesome.

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Thanks Trips66.  Ok, you should try to get the calc working.  It is an excel file. So, check and see if you have that on your computer.  The calc provides you with a lot of good info.

The firebox opening has to be >=  a specific volume. Try again with the calc.

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Sure looks like a nice smoker.

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This link may help if you are still having calculator troubles, there are options if exel wont work for you.


Good Luck

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Hey thanks for the help guys. Again i plan on making the first cuts on Monday and should start posting pictures that night.


Also Diesel, I saw earlier in your post that you used a grinder to cut with. I know that you said you like the dewalt blade discs, but if you dont mind, what thickness, grit, etc... were they. I just want to make sure i get off to a good start.

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This should help..


41/2 inch grinder w/ metal cutting blade.  Looks to be a 1/8th inch thickness.


Also, be sure to pick up the grinder wheels too.  They are great for smoothing off the "mess ups"


Good luck man!  Remember that it is just metal and you can always cut if off and do it over.

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If you do any amount of metal work at all you need to be buying 4 1/2" cutoff and griding wheels by the pack. Some flap type sanding wheels is also a good idea. they have 60 grit too if you want something a bit more aggressive. 


Abrasives get used up quick so it's better to have plenty on hand to make your job go easier. Life is hard enough.


Cup brushes and scotch bright discs for your 4 1/2" are good to have too. I buy the cheap side grinders for about $20 each so I can have a couple setup with different wheels. At that price you can just use them up and toss em. They also tend to get dropped a lot.



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I made a little mod to my firebox damper. 

I wanted to cook a couple of weeks ago so I put on a quick and easy damper.

2010-07-11 14.44.33.jpg


I went to Harbor Freight and they had some cheap bar clamps.





  Just cut a few pieces off and tacked it back to the door.  It worked out pretty good.  Slides up and down pretty easy. 

2010-07-11 15.43.37.jpg


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well thats pretty cool. 

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Thats just clever as can be. This is going in the notes, I never even thought of the bar type clamps being recycled to live a new life.

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Good idea. Especially using the cheap Chinese Harbor Freight by the ship load stuff.

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Cheap is the truth.... I think it was less then 3 bucks. 

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Update.  I have made a few mods to the RF.  I found an old F150 frame which was free by the way. 



 A little time with the grinder and about 6 cans of good primer.



Then we placed the smoker on the frame yesterday.



I had an issue with my camera so the picts of the front didn't come out.  I will get some better picts later.  I am excited to be able to take my smoker places now.  And I am sure others will be also.

stay tuned for more picts.  I am thinking that I will need some finders for sure. 

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