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Help et-73

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First smoke today and I just got a Maverick and the receiver will not register to the transmitter...has this happened to anyone here and if so any remedies?
Thanks in advance
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I don't have one butt I may can help. 1st read the directions closely. Sometimes it make a difference in which part you put the batteries in first. 2nd, make sure your batteries are fresh.

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you probably have to turn the main one of and back on with the reciever on , or press a buttion on the back of transmitter ... something along those linesPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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have done all the above.....thinking it is defective
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Receiver has to be turned on 1st and then the transmitter or there won't be any conection....

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If that's the case and you are close enough with the units....could be bad as you say !!!

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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Not intuitive but that's the way they work.

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did as instructions read
even took out batteries and started over (multiple times)
I'll try again tomorrow
smoked a came out excellent
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sounds defective to me... i'm glad you smoked the chicken anyway...
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kudos to this company....sent it back and had a new one in less than a week....I'll be smoking some sort of pork this weekend!!!
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