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How do you smoke a whole pig?

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I have dug all over the place to find tips and tricks for smoking a whole hog. I can not find any information on how to roast a pig.

1. I have learned that a good idea for keeping the pig cool to use a kiddy pool filled with ice until you are ready to smoke it.

2. Score the skin to help the smoke penetrate the meat

3. Place chickens inside the belly of the pig to aid with having the meat heat up uniformly.

Other ideas?
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What style of pig roast do you want to have?

That will let us help you put together the fixin's

These are luau pigs I did a while back:

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I am not really sure what kind yet. Not sure how to decide. I have a rig large enough but do not have a nice tray to cook it on like you have in your picture.
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I don't cook them on that stainless tray. I cook them on the racks and move them to the tray. Using butchers twine to truss them up so I can move them around after then are finished.
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We're all thinking it so let me be the one to say it...

Get a really big pack rolling papers... icon_rolleyes.gif
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Here is how we do it, we don't score the skin, we smoke it skin side up for the first 8-12 hours (size of pig depends), them we flip it over to add our sauce, the skin acts as a bowl.

We are planning on doing another one for Easter and will do a step by step pictorial.
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Can't wait to see this!
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Ah Man!

Mr Mac, you beat me to it. icon_cool.gif
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What I have used with great success was a 2'x4' section of shelving. The kind with the round posts on the corners. A 150lb pig can be secured to the shelving with wire around the legs. Kind of like it is sitting on it's haunches. This makes it easy for several people to move it in and out of the smoker. When done you can remove the shelving and I usualy will then slide the whiole thing on to a large sheet of cutting board material. Dont forget to keep the mouth open during smoking with a 2x4 or something for the apple or pineapple in the mouth for looks when done. A good pig deserves a good looking hat when done as well. Also foil the tail and ears assuming you want something for public viewing. At 150lbs plan on a good 24 hr smoke.
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Love the idea of the shelves. My smoker is set up kind of like a T. My firebox connects to the smoke chamber in the middle. So I need to be careful that I do not drip too much fat or there is a chance that I will start a grease fire. This has not been a problem when I do shoulders. I suspect that is because there is just not the same amount of fat that comes off of a shoulder.
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How Long do i let it cool to cut it and what is the best way to let it cool
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Originally Posted by Katie Bratt View Post

How Long do i let it cool to cut it and what is the best way to let it cool


No need to let the pig cool. Pull it off the smoker and take it right over to a carving table.


Here's more details than you asked for <grin>:

We use saw horses with 2x12 planks covered with a plastic shower curtain (for a couple of bucks at the discount store). We cover the area with a case of kale (greens) both for decoration plus to add a layer of insulation under the pig. The pig is too hot to carve with bare hands. I have a pair of thick rubberized insulated gloves that I got at a kitchen supply store that let me handle it without discomfort. I also have a large cutting board, a chef knife, and several disposable pans (and a couple of 3 mil trash bags in trash cans for bones, fat, and such). As guests walk through the line, I'm rapidly cutting off chunks of meat and slicing them to keep the pans full.


Good luck and have fun!

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