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??? on gosm modifications

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I'm a newbie, and I just bought my GOSM, so I don't think I'm ready to start making mods, but I do have some questions like... What is a needle valve and what does it do? And what is a rib-o-later, and what does that do? I do like the window in the door. icon_question.gif
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I also have a GOSM and I have smoked on it for years and I haven't done a thing to it. Now the window is a cool and novel addition to the smoker. Now the the needle value is an contraption that will allow you to adjust the flow of gas/ heat to the smoker. Letting you maybe smoke cheese or sausage. The rib-a-later I think is another contraption that fits on a UDS and lets you smoke 5-6 racks of ribs at a time. I have never seen one for the Gosm yet but you to could hook up your rostisserie and make a multi layered reck system for ribs.
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Yep a needle valve works great. I installed one on my turker fryer burner in my smoke house and I have not had to use it yet as I can keep the temps unker 150 no problem but if I wanted to smoke cheese I would use it.
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A rib-o-later is nothing more than 4 trays mounted on a rotissere bar that go round and round. I adapted a rib-o-later to my GOSM. Works fine, requires some attention because the trays have to be perfectly mounted so they don't rub against each other as they rotate. Practice, practice. Plus, now I've got a roissere for that piece of meat that benefits from smoking while being rotated. icon_mrgreen.gif

By the way, on the needle valve, before you do that: See if your GOSM will let you do this trick: Turn on the fuel and on High on the GOSM. Make sure everything is working fine, then slowly move the GOSM temp control from HIGH towards OFF. Does the flame decrease or just pops off? If it decrease's, you've accomplished the same thing a needle valve does.

BE ADVISED that this not standard practice or intended use of the GOSM temp control so as a consequence, any action you take, you take at your own risk.
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I've installed needle valves on both my smokers and you get a much finer control over the flame using them that you do trying to use the GOSM control valve (at least this has been my experience)...there is too much slop and play in the GOSM control to have any good fine adjustment.. I tried the alternate method before installing the needle valves....just my opinion...

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Thanks for the info, I'll check on the flame when I use it again, which I hope is soon, but it is snowing here, I'm so glad its springtime. icon_wink.gif
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Agree 100%. I use the needle valve to fine tune control my temps. I only mentioned the other "method" because I know it's out there in internet space and felt it needed to be addressed here. The needle valve mod cost me a grand total of less than $15 including driving around to find the adapter connections (I drive an expensive dieselicon_mrgreen.gif or is it the fuel that's expensive???). GO WITH THE NEEDLE VALVE. We like it better.
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needle value

Brass Control Valve / Knurled Needle
go here to get one
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