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Ok finishing sauce was a hit did a little mod 3 spoons of brown sugar and cayenne pepper instead of pepper flakes. Great meal may do another on Sunday.
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Looks like you have a handle on it.
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Could you or someone else please put a video up on Youtube of the dough hook in action? I wanna try it, but think I need to see it to believe how easy it is.

To the OP, did you spray the butt down at all during the smoke? That will help avoid pork dry-out.
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Great looking butt. Nice bark & juiciness to it.
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Very nice for a first time! points.gif
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Nice work Ecto...I also checked out your brisket from your link earlier in this thread; nice technique!
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I'm not planning on doing any butts for awhile, but i'll try to remember to take a video next time, it's kind of a moot point as it falls apart so easily, I used it more to infuse the finishing sauce than anything, and my wife doesn't like "pork hands" so that's what we do.
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OUTSTANDING ECTO!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Get yourself a pair of bearPaws..

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I got a question we had pulled pork last night and I just had some leftovers today last night I kept saying I just wish it had a little more smoke flavor and today it is full of smokey goodness it was awesome last night but i think better after a night in the refrigerator how is this possible did the smoking faeries visit me last night?
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Heh-heh-heh!!!!! I've often noticed that the smoke seems more prominent the next day myself, and have read of others feeling the same way. I think the main cause is that you're around the smoker most of the day/night and are carrying that with you everywhere you walk. Your clothes are permeated pretty well just after a few minutes.

A major part of your sense of taste begins with smell. Have you ever noticed how bland and poorly your food tastes when you are suffering from a head-cold? You can't perceive the normal flavors of the food because you can't smell it. Anyway, your sense of smell has become so accustomed to the smoke odors that when you finally sit down to eat, you have a reduced perception of the flavor.

A word of caution on smoke: if it tastes great after you haven't been around the smoker for a day or two, then you got it right...if you were to run a longer smoke period or a bit heavier smoke, you may end up over-doing the smoke and have a very strong flavor.

Sounds to me like you got it just right, brother!

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Lord have mercy! That pulled pork is a beautiful thing! points.gif
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