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3rd try at Jerky

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The 1st 2 times, my Terriyaki Jerky came out just o'k. Just didn't pop. So it's back to basics. Just got Rytek's bible so I plan on starting there. Now here is where I need your help. I like a slightly smokey flavor in my Jerky; so I was thinking about doing a cold smoke with my soldering iron/tin can setup before loading it into the dehydrator. Has anyone tried this or have an opinion about this. I don't want to use liquid smoke (too many chemicals).
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Here is a batch that I did last july. In fact I just gave the last to Bubba the other day. It got lost in the back of the fridge.icon_surprised.gif

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Actually liqued smoke doesn't contain chemicals, but that's neither here nor there as I wouldn't use it for jerky either. I do my jerky a bit different than most but it works for me and I constantly get requests to make more. I simply smoke it on the MES at right around 200 degree's for about 2 hours depending on how thinck I cut it. Some say that's cooking it but the bottom line is the end result for me so it doesn't really matter how I get there. One thing I did learn from this method is it is quite easy to get too much smoke on it if your not careful especially if you use hickory or mesquite. Lately cherry has been my favorite for jerky. Hope you get the "pop" your lookin for on your next batch!
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I do mine in the UDS at lower temps and apply smoke for a few hours through the middle of a 10+ hr. dry.I find mine smells of smoke when finished but after it mellows for a couple days the marinade flavor becomes stronger than the smokey taste.
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