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what do i have here?

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just wondering if this is a flat or packer, sorry about the poor pictures, cell phone camera, I'm not rubbing until friday or i would unwrap it, any trained eye that can tell would be much appreciated! (the guy at the butcher said it was a whole brisket, but didn't seem to sure about it.)

thanks for the help
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Judging from the weight alone, I'd say just a flat...I can't imagine a packer being that light on weight...smallest I've ever seen is 10+ lbs. If you can post a side view would be easier to tell for sure, but it's either an average sized flat or a decent sized point.

OK, if one end is noticeably thicker, and there appears to be only one main muscle, then it's a point. If you can see a fat layer separating two muscles from a side view, then it's a packer. If it's relatively flat, then it would have to be the flat only.

Looking back at the first pic again, the shape is telling me it's a packer. Cute lil' fella for sure!

Happy smokes!

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It looks like a packer to me. By the pics, it looks like the pointy end is a tad thicker and I think I see one of the "corns" in the top left portion in the third pic. The corn is a gnarly, tough and thick hunk of fat ont the point of the brisket..Small steer, small brisket..

They sure are proud of that brisket for the price...
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Well looking at your Qview I would have to agree with Eric on this one and say that you have a flat on your hands. But it's hard to tell it looks like you have a full and complete fat cap. Maybe a side pic would tell alittle more.
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I think the animal that meat came from was sick because that is THE smallest packer I have ever seen. And it is funny because I have seen lots of them, just never been brave enough to cook one, let alone know that it was made up from a "Flat" & "Point". Heck, I still have yet to do a full packer. I agree with Eric. Flat. Even the guy at the Butcher place wasn't sure. Just my two cents.
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That's exactly what that is, rock hard piece of fat it would seem, and yea I live in a small town with one butcher, good meat but you definitely pay for it, if i ever need bulk I drive 80 miles to the closest sam's club.
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Just cook it and eat it !!!...

2.89 is a good price imo flats are 3.99# here
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Ok, getting ready to rub for tomorrow so I opened the cryo, here's some more pictures if anyone cares to weigh in on whether or not it's a flat or a small packer and if i should trim anything more or just leave it as is I'd appreciate it greatly. thanks

thanks again!
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In the last picture, is the top right the point? and the bottom left the flat? seperated by that thick fat vein? That's the only sense I can make of it..
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I believe it is just the flat...I don't see the two separate directions of muscle grain, or any marbling as the point would have, so I'd think it has to be a flat. If that fat layer runs deep, that's the separation of the point/flat....the fat layer may be relatively thin further inside.

Also, now that it's unpacked, it looks too wide to be a packer compared to it's length. I don't see the hump of the point should be noticeably thicker on one end.

I'd leave the fat cap as looks to be trimmed fairly well already, and the flat is a very lean muscle, so the fat cap will aid in moisture retention.

Good luck with the upcoming smoke!

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The first pic led me to believe it was indeed a flat but the other pics still give me a reason to believe there is a seperateable point on there. Sure is a different looking brisket though...
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Put some smoke on that puppy & decide later!!
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It is a flat and not a packer.
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