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noobie to sausage making

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I've graduated from fatties to whole chickens to some darn fine ribs (thanks to the famous rib rub and BBQ sauce).

I now think that I'm ready to attempt sausage and beef sticks.

I know that I've seen book mentioned here, but have searched some and couldn't find any names.

I'm looking specifically for some fish sausage recipes, but would like a good book or two. Any help.

I bought the cure and spices for beef sticks at Gander Mountain. I'll be making beef sticks this weekend. If I have any seeds what so ever, I'll take pictures for Q-View of my first attempt ( I can always destroy the evidence right?)
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"The Bible" Is This book by Rytek Kutas.

Good book to have.
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I have never heard of fish sausage.icon_redface.gif
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fish sausage sounds very smelly uhhg, i cant think of anything i could not want more lol
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Me neither. Let us know how it turns out if you make some.
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Gefilte fish would be the closest thing to fish sausage that I can think of that I've had. It's made like many sausages are made. Ground fish with aromatics and a binder that is blended like sausage then with gefilte fish it's poached in liquid. Sans casing
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Rytek Kutas's book has a fish sausage recipe that I've yet to try, but it sounds good.
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I think I'd stick to curing and smoking some salmon.

Another great book is Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polcyn

This book and Rytek's mentioned above are pretty much all you'll ever need on the subject.
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try this

go to and they have some good books, and sausage kits, and seasoning.. this web site is great... everything you need to make sausage of any kind..been ordering thier stuff for years and everything is first class..hope this helps..
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try this

i go to they have everything you need to make sausage and kits too..they also have some great books you can get to teach you how to make sausage.. hope this help.. been ordering things from them for years and all first class..
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I is a great place to start,
IMO their mixes are better than the stuff from Gander.
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I grew up on the Mississippi and one of the old commercial fishermen in McGregor used to make fish sausage, but that was about 50-60 years ago.  I did find a recipe for salmon sausage here:  Might try some this weekend.


post #13 of 15 has the same stuff as The Sausage Maker, but it's cheaper.  Shipping charges are less too.

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I have both the Rytek and the Charcuterie books. I really prefer the Charcuterie book as it is written more along the lines of cooking and smoking that I prefer. I think the recipes are more up to date as well but that is just my personal opinion -


I also use these sites for recipes and tips as well -


Good luck

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Thanks for the great information im also a newbie to smoking,Mark
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