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Re-heating ABT's

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I alway make more then I can eat at one time, what do you all do to reheat the leftovers???
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I vacupack my leftovers. Then when I pull them out, I just throw the pack in boiling water to reheat. Tastes better than the microwave that's for sure. Don't know if that will work for ABTs.
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I've had to re-heat them for co-workers and it worked well in the microwave. I placed them on a plate and covered it with a damp paper towel, punched in 30 seconds on the dial, and they came out perfect.

Another suggestion is if you have a grill, you could always throw them on there for a few to warm them up, or place them on a baking sheet at 350 for 15 minutes (or long enough for the bacon to re-crisp.
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i just turn the toaster oven on broil and cook for a couple mins until the bacon is crispy
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yup what ^ them 2 said.
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Yep - you nailed it!
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Thanks guys
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