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Where to eat?

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Uncle Tykies post got me to thinking...
If I wanted to travel across the country, how many BBQ places are there (and where are they) that are owned or even worked at, by SMF members?

So all you members that own a place or work in one, where are you?

give details, (name of restaurant, address, website and phone) and I will create a list...
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Now that is a great idea and would be nice to know...points.gif
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Yep. I would watch that thread for sure. Really interested in Virginia.
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That is a great idea, can't wait for the list
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As soon as I win the lottery I'll be opening up my restaraunt.
"Something Good to Eat" or Bourbon City BBQ.

just that small problem with the lottery officeicon_mrgreen.gif
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Excellent idea!! Kind of like smf 's version of Drive In's Diners and Dives!! icon_smile.gif
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If your waiting for members of the forum to add there places I don't think theres all that many-if your just searching for good Q across the country than skip Tucson cuz in the last year I have eaten in the 4 thats well known here and they stink. I have wanted to compare what sells here to what I make and I will stick to mine thank you.
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Maybe we should modify this thread...
how about members recommendations of BBQ places you like... same info if you know it; name, location, web address and a brief description...if it is owned by a fellow member be sure to mention that!
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Well, if you're in MY AREA....

Yes, I know, I was suppose to post the ones that are GOOD and that I like to eat at.... well, I like to eat at HOME!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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