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Getting to the point. w/qview

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With the sales on CB's, I couldnt resist doing some more Pastrami! Points were 1.49 a pound, so I picked a few up to give them a try. Did a 12 hour fresh water bath yesterday, slathered with mustard, rubbed with a bit of pickling seasoning, extra corriander, garlic powder, and crusted with fresh course black pepper. Into the MES they go with some lump coal, and hickory. Going to smoke at about 235 today. More Q-view as the day goes on. Going to add some injected yard bird later, but thats another post PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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Pastrami's are in the plateau right now.. Should be out soon. The points are definately taking longer with the higher fat content. Can't wait!

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Strami is looking really good so far, nice coating of spices.
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The pepper crusting is simply fantastic. For my personal tastes I will stick with the CB points.. Not only cheaper, but made for great Pastrami. 3 slices were gone before I even got the camera out. Really glad I did three of these.. Tomorrow I hit the stores to stock up on these tasty treats while they are still on sale!

Thanks for looking at my Q!
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Nice looking stramis, I just stocked the freezer myself.
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Yeah, that's got me drooling...very nice dry rub.

I don't see corned beef around here often, but for that price, I'd say you're getting quite a deal...absolutely go get more!

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That looks great, the rub looks like one of those ones where you are happy to touch the strami and lick your fingers afterwards.
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Now thats some good looking pastrami and I really like the rub that you used.
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Great looking pastrami, I love pepper so that is a big plus with me. points.gif
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The pepper crusting is awesome, and it stuck amazingly well through the slicing process. . If you are one of those guys thats likes to order your steak with a pepper crust, you will love this on your strami. After the wife got home and sampled, I got the go ahead to buy a stock of CB points. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Already looking forward to frying up a batch of onions tomorrow, and having myself one big cheesy melty mass of Strami and caramalized onions...
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Wher did you score them at?
I picked up CB spices today and an other spice (juniper berries) to turn some into Pastrami. I all ready have corrandar ground and whole. Oh yea a couple of heads of cabbage for the TBS as well! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Hey any one got a towel and washcloth? PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Both Safeway and King Sooper (Krogers) had them on sale. 1.49 for points, and 2.49 for flats.
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oh yea great idea never made Pastrami befor and after reading Jeffs news letter then krogers sale I decided to try. i bought 4 if this one turns out good i will go back and get more.icon_mrgreen.gif

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Just got back from Safeway. Purchased 6 more for the freezer.. Total of 9 stored away for a summer of Strami. Not sure who cuts their brand, but most of what they were calling points were not. Looked like someone cut the Brisket in half, then seperated the point from the piece of flat under it, and called both those pieces points. One of the "points" is 5.26 pounds. All of them were very well marbled. Wish I was getting the 1.29 price in Kansas, but even at a 1.49 these are a great deal for some great smokes here this summer.
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