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Welcome Independent to SMF, I am a Husker fan displaced in the bowls of CU Buff country. I am not sure about Omaha anymore, as I have been gone for 10 plus years, but in Lincoln you could buy from the College on the East campus and get stuff cheap. The cows are feed corn and no hormones, and they sell the meat cheaper to buy more animals to grow and document for class, and then you can stop and get ICE CREAM too.

Smoke 2 Geaux.....I am sorry brother....but Rosenblatt Stadium is being replaced with a new stadium by the river....it will not be the laid back setting it used to be. I loved the atmosphere of the game there.
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Welcome to the site man. I lived in Hastings for a summer...probably the most boring state I have ever lived in my entire life that is for sure.
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Fresh Kill, Home Grown, our out of the market butcher case, they all taste great once you run them through the smoker! Welcome to the finest Q lounge on the planet.....

You have gone and done it now! Stumbled into a whole nest of grazed smokers. Next thing you know you will be getting funny looks from your family while you snap pics of the excellent Q you just smoked.

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