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2nd Round @ Baby Backs w/qview of Course!

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So I'm at Sam's club the other day stocking up on meat for the month, and I HAD to get 2 of their baby back packs (3 racks in a cryo). I get home, process all the other meats I purchased and of course had the idea to do some more BB's. So after inviting company over Sunday I rubbed 'em down and wrapped 'em for a nice 38 hr nap. Here's what I have so far. . . . . . . . .

All three racks

Wrapped, foiled and ready for a nice nap

Stay tuned, this should be a good one icon_wink.gif
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Looking forward to the finish.
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Oh Man my mouth was watering for some baby back and now I have to wait for them to finish. Ok you win I'll wait but they did look good in the foil too.
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Don't worry my friend, there will be plenty I mean PLENTY of qview this time around!
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You know, I have to get a Sam's club membership, as everyone is getting their meat from there. I went to my local Ralph's store today & picked up two racks of spares for $1.99 lb. There will be qview this Sunday. Man, your ribs look great so far!!
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Yea, it is definitely worth it. I got 6 racks of bb's, the whole pork tenderloin, whole strip and whole tenderloin for $180! Thanks for the compliment icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok so today is the day of the cook. The ribs have been rubbed and resting now for about 34 hours. I injected them last night with some apple juice. My question to all of you is this. . . . . . It has been raining for 2 days straight now with crazy winds. So far the wind has subsided but I was wondering what, if any, problems I will run into if it happens to be raining again throughout the smoke. Will it just be the difference in a steady temp? Am I going to have to "babysit" the rig? Please let me know of past experiences w/smoking in the rain it is much appreciated
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