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That is something I plan to invest in in the near future. For now we have a great deal of sausage to go through and hogs to hunt, so I'm in no real rush right now. My buddy has the grinder and I will have the stuffer. Sounds like a good split!! BTW thanks for the links!!!
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First off looks great. A frined gave me some that he shot and now I want to go.

I never add more than 2 lbs of fat to 10 lbs of meat.
1 1/2 - 10 should do. Also soak your casings min 1 hour before stuffing and stuf a little fuller. If you had linked them , then that would have tightened and made them fuller which in turn tends to lead to a more tender product. Ps Don't jack up the temps past 165. 170 is the very highest you ever want to go. past that and you fat turns to grease. Hope this helps some. Good luck.
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I did have a little problem with the fat rendering like that, but it wasn't too bad. Thanks for the advice. We did rinse the casings, but did not soak them for any period of time. We'll try that next time and maybe linking them as well. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How is that boar for eating. My brother killed a 2 yr old domestic boar and I told him to get that stuff out of my house. It wreaked of ammonia when he cooked it and had the same taste to it.
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Soak your casings and add vinegar to your bowl, like a tsp.; it will help tenderize them so they're not so tough.
Also, buy good casings. Cheap, hairy casings downgrade great sausage. I get mine at Syracuse Casing Co:

Soak these in a bowl or pan just as-is, at least 20 min to an hour, add a bit of white vinegar to the water.

They are all domestic casings and you can get them preloaded too at no extra charge onto plastic slipons... just pull out the center tab and load onto the stuffing horn:

Make sure you give your sausages a cold water bath also as soon as you take them out of the smokehouse; it will help keep them from wrinkling as it solidifies the fat content. Linking your sausages also helps too.
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