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Whole Piglet?

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My brother is on his way back from a hog hunt in Oklahoma. He killed about a 10 pound gianticon_mrgreen.gif. I'm going to smoke it for him and was wondering about cooking this beast. After it was field dressed it drops down to a whopping 4 1/2 lbs, I figured I would inject it where I can and baste it while it's smoking but do I need to worry about different parts of this little guy being done before others or can I just pull it off all at the same time ( which is what I am hopeing I can do.) Any info will help and if I'm missing anything of importance let me know. Thanks for looking.
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Bumping this back to the top to see if we can get some answers for Bob. I saw a pic of the two pigs he ended up with. Funny thing is....BOTH of them fit into one standard size meat lug! Hate to have those little porkers chargin at me, might get a shin bit!
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Did he kill it with his bare hands?
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Something that small I would treat like a pork butt or roast. If you butterfly it, wrap the rib section in foil to prevent overcooking.
But I would leave it whole if I were you.
Inject the meaty parts, brush with oil and season with dry rub... baste every 1/2 hour or so.

Good luck!
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