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Whats a Beef Bottom Round Flat?

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I was in the local grocery store picking up some Pork butts for $0.99lb and I always check to see if they have any specials on brisket or anything like that but this store never has brisket. I was looking and they have a Beef Bottom Round Flat which looks pretty much like a full packer to my untrained eye. So my question is, is this a full packer they just call it something different??????
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Hello the bottom round flat is a muscle from the hip also know as outside round , pieced together with the inside round ( top )and eye of round ( middle ) the 3 muscles make up the hip ... it is fairly lean , great for jerky , stews , tenderized steak ( cube ) or slow roasted with moisture added .... this piece does not compare to a brisket and will have much less natural flavour due to lack of internal fat and marbling that the brisket has .

hope this helps ya out .
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In simple mans terms it is a rump roast. The whole flat. As T-Bone said is does not compare to a briskit. It is too lean and could dry out if smoked the same way as a briskit.
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Does it resemble this?

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If this thing is good for jerky and stuff like that it would seam to me thats it's really big too.
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