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Playing with the planks...

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The wife and I decided to cut some fat and carbs or whatever out of our diet so I decided to start cooking some more fish on the grill. I ran across some frozen tilapia and figured I'de plank these things and try two new things ( tilapia and planking) at once. This is a set of pics from my second go-around of planking due to the misplacement of my cam...

Fish filets on the white wine soaked plank..

Getting just about done, nice smoke browning, is the fish ooze normal for planking?

What it looked like when I pulled it..

Here's the starving man's diet dinner..icon_neutral.gif

Any and all criticism is appreciated..
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That looks like Costco Tilapia AND cedar planks

Looks great, no criticism here.

I enjoy a mustard based rub on tilapia
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Albertson's to be exact...
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Looks good to me.
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Look fine to me too, I like fish and have to eat healthy all week so I can have the bad weekend lol
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So what was the final verdict? How were they?
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How were they? Your meal looks very good to me and a diet meal to boot then that's a win/win in my book.

As you cut down, try to remember if it still taste good and is good for you then you have done extremely well.

I am giving you points for the extra effort for your healthy but tasty meal.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh they came out fine both times. Just the right amount of smoke and good flavor. I was thinking of using alder instead of cedar next time. Any ideas.. suggestions?
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