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LMBO......we still want to see this too now. Remember, here in SMF, qview is everything.

Dennis, the only advice I can give you is my address for when you are finished, as I am a city guy. I can help you eat that precious meat. Let me know when you are ready & I will send FedEx over promptly.
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The weather man says rain starting tomorow night and into saturday morning with tempetures dropping into the 50s. Tomorow is suposed to be around 80. Looks like it is going to happen tomorow. I built a coal barrow this morning so I can burn my wood to coals before throwing in the smoker. This has been on my list since I saw one on here last year. Also got everthing ready and will be getting up at 5 to start a fire and hope to have it on by six. Here are a few pictures of my pre smoke. I will be using a mixture of oak, pecan and wild cherry.
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Good luck with the smoke and I'll be looking forward to the Qview!!
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yea if you want to leave the hide on, you will have to scald it...that can be a pain
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