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MBP trials

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Well I finally had time to test out the propane smoker and I made my smoke sticks.

I set the flame as low as I dare without it blowin out. After a time oh I dunno maybe 30 mins I checked the temps:

Lowest flame setting??

At the flue damper shut I got this temp:

Above the Bowl this temp:

I was surprised to find that there was smoke not even 10 mins after putting the pan in. I tried a little bit in the middle and outside:

So tomorrow I think I'm gonna do a 3-4 hour smoke with this:

Using these:

The smoker is a bit leaky around the door so I suppose I'll have to put the gasket around it:

The troopers, I guess I should get a tee and have them both goin at once...... LOL:

I really like this hobby...........
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Thats a pretty nice temp you are able to keep that smoker at. That is right where I like to smoke my salmon at.
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