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Shoulder Stall ~

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Cooked three shoulders this weekend and all went well on two of them but I had 1 that took 17 hours to get to 200 degrees . It got to 160 faster than the other two but did it stall . This is my first time to get a stall this bad with a shoulder .
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17 hours, ouch!
I've had a few long stalls but that would have driven me nuts.
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Yea its crazy how two pieces of the same meat can cook so different.
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It did drive me nuts , but man was it worth the wait . Outstanding is all I can say and just a three months ago I had never smoked one ever . When I thought of pork I thought of pork loins and ribs . Now I am all over the shoulder . THANKS TO ALL OF SMF ~
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Never would have thought it could happen with that much difference ..
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I had a butt stall on me for a really long time. I even ran to the store to get an instant read themo to make sure my probe thermometer wasn't out of wack. I think the final cooking time was around 14 hours, 17 would be real annoying.
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My first butts I did on my Cajun injector electric (mes) took almost 19 hours to get to 200 at 230!! Long stall... but they came out great. Gotta have the patience!
Never had one take near that long on my stick burner (slightly higher temps i guess)
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I guess it truly goes to show you that you can't cook by time you have to cook by temp.
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Exactly to me . I would have pulled it at 15 hours if not for the temp reading .
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tht does drive you crazy lol. The smallest butt I have smoked took the longest in time. But same as you wow it was good
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Thay are crazy... I thought my butt was done in 9 hours yesterday. I did a quick pull test with a meat fork and it was tough. I moved my probe and found a way lower temp. It stayed on for another two hours before reaching 190 and pulling easily...
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Yes it is amazing that two pieces of meat cooks so different and it will drive you crazy. I would say something else but I don't want to jinx myself.
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