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Fassett's Franks

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Hot out of the smokehouse, cold water bath and into the frying pan for dinner!
Didn't get a pic after they were cooked, too much of a hurry getting them into the bath (had to wash up them dirty little critters! lol!), but same view from the business end of a frypan!

Hanging around waiting for heat!

Gettin' more heat for dinner, snuggled up to hash browns and onions!
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they look delicious Pops , but what is a Fassett's Frank?
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One of my dad's sausages (frankfurters) he used to make!
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This is not fair

C'mon Pops, this looks to good to keep to yourself. May we have the recipe; pretty please.
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Pop's do you emulsify or just fine grind and throughly mix?them sure look tastey.
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Damn! They look so good, I almost licked my computer screenbiggrin.gif
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Not done fiddlin' with it yet, this batch had too much of something, have to figure out what.
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mix with meats, add water and fine grind 3 times then stuff.
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That had to be good PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lookin mighty fine pops, mighty fine indeed! Cob smoked, ahhhh, I member grandad smokin with cob. Danged hard ta find anymore but can be had, gotta get some this fall.

Nothin like a good quality frank!
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Looks-Great.gifas always.

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Pops, morning. Tell me more about "cob" smokin'.  I've got about 500 sweet corn plants that will be harvested in about 2 months. I've got a drying shed where garlic and onions dry. We usually strip the cobs and freeze the corn for all year use. Of course a lot is eaten fresh too.

Do you use them whole like you would in a stick burner ?? Grind somehow and put in an electric heat pot ??  Add to  charcoal or wood sticks ??

I could run them thru the dado blade and make "dust" for the home made smoke gen I guess ?? Interesting....very interesting....time to learn something new today....Dave

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Looks great Pops ! drool.gif

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They look great Pops!   icon14.gif

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