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Longest time wrapped in the cooler?

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How long can I leave my pork shoulders wrapped in the cooler? I'm figuring they will be done around 4 or 5 AM and we'll be eating them around noon.
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You have to be careful with your meat. You shouldn't let it go under 140° for that bacteria can start to form. Now I have left mine in a cooler for 5 hours justmake sure you have alot of towels and stuff the cooler as full as you can.
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I have gone a minimum of 3-1/2 hours and a maximum of 6 hours. But, sorry, I do not Fear the Turtle! icon_smile.gif
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foil and towels and a easy 6 hrs. they will still be hot to touch
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Just check the temps and you should be ok, do not go under 140.
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Be on the safe side and put in an oven at 155'. Hold as long as you want, no worries.
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My answer exactly.
I have kept them in a cooler wrapped in towels and up to 6 hours later they were still nice and hot.
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Question: 130 should be hot to the touch, yes? How do we know that the internal temp is over or at 140 degrees after six hours? Is this from experience after foiling & toweling in the cooler while a temp probe was still in? (I apologize if this question seems kind of challenging to the knowledge in this forum.)
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Exactly hot to the touch and hot to food safety standards may be two different things. The only way to know the temps is to check them with a thermometer.
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