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How long?

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How long do i smoke a 3.75 pound beef shoulder roast,im using a electric smoker stays about 250 degrees ,i know its by internal temp and this book i got for my smoker says 140 rare,160 medium and 170 well done.I have no thermometer and theres not one on the smoker door, i was thinken smoking it for 3 hours than wrapp in aluminum foil maybie a splash of apple juice finish for another hour,will this work?
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Cant find much input on beef most must just smoke pork
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My advice is run to the store and get a thermometer!!!. If you are going to pull the pork then you want it near or at 205. On the adverage you can figure 1.5 hours per pound. But you really need to do it by temp.
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Without a thermometer four hours seems kind of short. For a roast that size, if you can keep the temp at 250 then at least six hours in the heat. If you're going to slice it, then use a knife to see how tender it is and/or "break the seal" on the bark to visually check the internal meat. If you're going to pull it, try pulling it with a fork. If you bend the tines, it's not ready icon_wink.gif Also, for planning purposes, don't forget the rest time.
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I have to AGREE that you need to run out and at LEAST get an internal Therm to check your meat but it is also just as impossible to tell what you're cooking it at if you don't have a smoker therm...
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Yea you are kind of flying in the dark if you don't have a thermometer. Its probably not what you wanted to hear but its a must have. I would suggest getting a wireless one that has two probes one for the internal temp of the smoker and one to probe into your meat. That way you can watch both temps at once and not have to run out to your smoker.
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thanks everyone ill get a themometer
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great job members!!! they nailed it, to tell when your roast is done the only way for sure is internal temp. make sure you tesy your new thermo to make sure it is accuratte. i ck mine in boiling water.
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