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reverse flow does pretty good

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My SNP modified reverse flow had good results. Here's a Q-view of my 1st smoke on this one and some pictures of the build. It's amazing what a few pieces of wood and a can of paint will do.

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Any pics of the build? Seen some cheap SNP's around. Might be an interesting learning project
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Good looking smoke, graybeard! Thanks for the pic.
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That looks like it work good!
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This theread is absolutely useless without pix...... :)
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First of all you could spell thread right. Secondly the man is only showing the results of his Q not the build of his smoker. I think you should be more considerate to others. Great job on that Q. All the best...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Q looks good well done
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cheap reverse flow

Give him hell Zeek. Rio_Grande is always wanting more pictures. HA! I'll be posting some smoker pixs soon and with more of a description and comments. It's still a work in progress BUTT looking pretty good.
I always use 100% wood so my bark is always black and juicy!!

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BBQBUBBA wanna be icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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That happens to be a very common phrase in boards like this one when someone teases a thread with not enuf pics... it's called sarcasm.
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Sorry you cant take a joke Zeeker... Ya looked like a big man there in that post,,,,, I will spell as my digits see fit... Go have that heart attack now...
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Several examples of the common use of this across the NET...

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