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Need help with pork loin

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So a few guys at work went out and bought two whole pork loins from costco , they want me to bring my brinkman to work and smoke them up for lunch. I have never done pork loin and would greatly appreciate any tips and recipe ideas .

Thanks for all the help.
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I have always cut my loins into thirds and you'll probably have to on that brinkman. Smoke at 225* and pull at 155* and rest. I prefer hickory and pecan wood. As far as a rub goes, just experiment with tastes you like. After all you have alot of meat to experiment with. Good luck!
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Those are some fine looking meats you have prepared. Outstanding!
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Thanks guys !
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Slice them open, stuff them, tie them up and then smoke them until they reach 160. Good Stuff!!!!!!!!
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Now I have also stuffed a loin and it's is now my favorite way of smoking it.
I did this one with some feta and baby spinach leaves and some other stuff too.
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Seine the spice out of Italian dressing (save the spice), inject the liquid throughout the meat, rub seined spice on along with your favorite rub and let it set over night. Smoke at 225 until internal temperature reaches 160. I use apple wood. Easy and it is one of my families favorite ways to eat pork loin.
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