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Two Briskets for Sunday

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Ok I just rubbed down two medium briskets both about 9 pounds that I am going to start smoking late Saturday afternoon for a get together early Sunday afternoon. Going to pull an all-niter figuring from 6pm to about 8 am for both of them. Have about 20 people coming over will be my first briskets in my new MES 40 but not my first brisket by any means. Going to use hickory and pull it out about 185 for slicing. I mop because I grew up learning how to cook brisket watching old cowboys cook over coals. Will post some pics when I get everything started. This is the first time I rubbed a brisket and wrapped it in suran wrap and let sit for about 30 hours learning new techniques on this site and can't wait to taste the results. Brisket is all my brother and I have been able to talk about all week long.
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Look forward to seeing them. Take plenty of pics.
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Sounds good, just waiting for some pice. Good luck on staying up with the snoke.
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Ok added to the menu will be one fattie with provolone and sauteed mushrooms and 20 or so ABT. Will start posting Q-View this afternoon as they all go on.
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Here starts the Q-View

Some ABT's my first attempt

A FATTIE also my first attempt

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now for the two guests of honor

I know this is not the best choice for a second smoke on a new smoker but I was asked for a favor and as I always say no guts no glory.
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Six hours and we are @ 155 internal temp gonna try to make it another six hours to get to 190 anyone ever set the temp on an MES a little low and go to sleep for a couple of hours?
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Ok 14 hours later and I am sitting at about 185 on one brisket and 180 on the other thinking about 45 minutes to an hour left boy am I tired. A few naps through the night but no real sleep.
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Your getting there now. You cann't give up after all this work you are doing just fine. Those were some good looking briskets too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My guess is that sometime last night you realized that you didn't make enough ABTS.
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Yea and my first Fattie fell part on me it was still real good though. The briskets are done and sitting in a cooler gonna slice them around noon should have some final Q-view later this afternoon. Just wish I had time for a nap.
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Ok this was my first brisket on my new MES 40 and here was the lowdown. 15 hours @ 225 cooked until 190 internal temp no foil mopped every two hours after the first 4 hours of smoke. For those who say you can't get smoke flavor with an electric I can now tell them maybe they are doing something wrong. Did not get a smoke ring like I do on my big pit but got a very intense hickory flavor and only used maybe 3 handfuls of chips and I was still getting a TBS @ 5 Am 12 hours later. I will have a finishing sauce on the side but I think this brisket is juicy and flavorful enough for no sauce. If i have to give the MES a downside it is the lack of Bark on the brisket but I can fix that with an hour over hot coals before going into the smoker.

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Looks like a great smoke. I'm sure everone will like it. Thanks for the great pictures.
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Looks good... Did you slice up the points as well or is that just the flats in the pics? Yummmmy
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good looking brisket, nice long smoke points.gif
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I always slice the whole brisket I have some family members who like a little drier cut with sauce on a bun for kids. So this way there is a little bit of everything for all tastes. Come to think of it it is just the way my dad did it when I grew up watching him so thats the way I do it.
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